Connection Between Your Gut & Your Health

Digestive concerns aren't a fun topic of conversation. In fact, many people have trouble
talking to their own doctor about their concerns. Others suffer in silent embarrassment,
worry and discomfort over the rumbling and gurgling -- the cramps, bloating, gas,
constipation or diarrhea.  

If your digestive system isn't operating efficiently, you aren't getting the full benefit of
your good nutritional habits. Not only is your health at risk, but you're throwing money
away on high-quality food and nutritional supplements that your body can't make use

As your gut does your health….

About 80 percent of the cells of your immune system are located in your digestive tract.
With that in mind, it's easy to see why the health of your colon dictates your overall

When gut bacteria is out of balance not only is your digestion and feeling of well-being
compromised, so is your immune system -- and therefore your ability to defend against
serious illness and disease.

The list of conditions and diseases thought to be directly or indirectly related to a
shortage of friendly gut bacteria is long and growing longer.  Those include:  
Premenstrual syndrome, diabetes, atopic dermatitis (eczema), acne, IBS, chronic
inflammatory conditions -- diseases like lupus, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid
arthritis, and tooth decay, just to name a few.

How are you contributing to your gut problem? The three biggest offenders are:
pesticides, antibiotics, and sugar.

To find out more on how these substances are affecting your health read the articles
Death By Diet from Dr. Mercola.  or at his site.

Before you can change your health and get rid of those symptoms you have to first
address your intestinal health. If you cannot absorb your nutrients and have infections
in your gut no amount of vitamins and exercise will help you feel better.  Please call our
office to see whether you may be suffering because of your gut!

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