Gluten Sensitivites and Hormone Disruption:

Eating highly processed foods such as refined breads and cereals, which are easily
digested, leads to a chain reaction in the body. When breads and cereals are digested, it
leads to an increased amount of sugar. In turn, this excess sugar allows the body to
produce high levels of insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). Elevated insulin
levels lead to an excess of male hormones(testoterone)

In polycystic ovary syndrome, which is diagnosed in women who are obese, have high
testosterone levels and have acne, it is clear that elevated insulin levels are a major
factor. (Gynecol Endocrinol August 2002) The gluten in wheat also causes worsening of
symptoms in many that is completely independent of its effect on insulin.

The presence of gluten sensitivity and its resultant stress upon the adrenal glands is
common, but rarely diagnosed. As a result, millions of women suffer with symptoms
that are often correctable with simple diet, nutrition and lifestyle changes. And these
are completely natural ways to improve your health; treating gluten sensitivity and
adrenal exhaustion does not require drugs or surgery.

PMS and menopausal symptoms are associated with gluten sensitivity and adrenal
exhaustion. The adrenal gland produces reproductive hormones, and one such
hormone is pregnenolone serves as the building block for other hormones. Under
normal conditions, ample pregnenolone exists for conversion to those hormones, but
when stressed, pregnenolone is diverted instead.

Treatment for adrenal stress revolves around lifestyle management (timing of meals,
amount of sleep and exercise), identifying any food sensitivities, and using nutritional
support to strengthen adrenal function. Supplements such as vitamins B5, B6 and C,
whole-root licorice extract and certain forms of ginseng can all be supportive.
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