Herbal Medicine : Healthy Alternative to Drugs

Are you struggling with chronic illness and want a healthy alternative to prescription
drugs with all those nasty side effects? Why not consider herbal medicine. Many studies
have shown results with herbs for conditions such as lowering high cholesterol using
garlic, curing insomnia with valerian, and ridding parasites with wormwood.

Herbal Medicine is the most ancient form of health care. Herbs have been used in all
cultures throughout history. Extensive scientific documentation now exists concerning
their use in health conditions including heart disease, insomnia, indigestion, insomnia,
PMS, cancer and HIV.

Today approximately 25% of all prescription drugs are still derived from trees, shrubs,
or herbs.  There are an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 plants on the earth today and
only 5000 of these have been studied for their medical application.

In general, herbal medicines work in much the same way as conventional
pharmaceutical drugs i.e. via their chemical makeup. Herbs contain a large number of
naturally occurring chemicals that have biological activity.

Herbal medicine has most to offer when used to facilitate healing in chronic ongoing
problems. Skillful selection of herbs can profoundly transform your health with less
danger of side effects inherent in drug based medicine. The common assumption that
herbals act slowly and mildly are not necessarily true. Adverse effects can occur if an
inadequate dose or wrong herb is selected.   
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