Healthy Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure:

Over 50 Million Americans suffer from Hypertension (high blood pressure).
Hypertension affects one out of every four adults Americans. Even among the 23.4
million who take anti-hypertensive medications, only 42.9% of these patients actually
get their blood pressure down to acceptable levels. This failure to adequately treat high
blood pressure could cost $1 billion in excess health costs due to stroke, heart disease,
diabetes, kidney failure and other illnesses, according to the study.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition in which the blood pressure in the
arteries is chronically elevated. With every heart beat, the heart pumps blood through
the arteries to the rest of the body. Blood pressure is the force of blood that is pushing
up against the walls of the blood vessels. If the pressure is too high, the heart has to
work harder to pump, and this could lead to organ damage

High blood pressure left untreated can lead to strokes (blockages or weakening of
vessels to the brain, kidney failure from injury to the kidney and its blood vessels. It is a
major cause of kidney failure (renal failure), which may require dialysis. Heart Failure is
a frequent occurrence in long standing hypertension.

To effectively manage high blood pressure you need to get to the CAUSE. High blood
pressure can be caused by an underlying condition, such as kidney disease, hormonal
disorders, thyroid disease, adrenal gland disease, and the use of certain drugs such as
oral contraceptives, and statins, Other factors include insulin resistance, bacterial/viral
infections, parasites, heavy metal toxicity, oxidative stress due to food
additives/preservatives (MSG) and endocrine disruptors like pesticides, fluorides,
insecticides, and herbicides.

Natural Approaches to Managing High Blood Pressure

Diet is the number one cause of high blood pressure problems in America. Sugar, as well
as grains, which convert to sugar are the primary mechanism that causes insulin to be
released and it is the high insulin levels that are the major factor in elevation of blood
pressure. Thus, the primary treatment for hypertension is having a person make
optimal food choices.

A good nutrition plan will normalize blood pressure in about 75 percent of people. I
have helped many hundreds of people to get off their high blood pressure medicine with
this method.

Stress is another leading cause of High Blood Pressure. Many individuals typically have
some type of emotional stress causing excessive output of the adrenals, which responds
very favorably to normalization of these stresses with emotional work and nutrition to
support the adrenal glands.

Nutritionally, there are many vitamins and herbal that help to normalize blood
pressure. Herbals like hawthorn, and horsechestnut, garlic, coQ10,  get results in many
cases. Many sources cite calcium and magnesium as well as vitamin D.  I rarely use
calcium and magnesium as a blood pressure treatment, as their effect is very mild and
does not address the underlying cause. Additionally, one runs into the complication of
putting the person into an imbalance of their mineral ratio. I use hair analysis to guide
my use of these minerals for nearly all of my patients.

None of these solutions will bring about lasting change without finding out what the
CAUSE of the problem is and handling it.
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