Migraines: The Migraine-Gallbladder Connection

Many people who have liver/gall bladder challenges will experience headaches and
migraines. Chinese physicians have treated many cases of migraine syndrome with
applications to the gall bladder meridian. Many alternative doctors are finding that
treating the gall bladder through nutritional therapy and suggesting lifestyle changes
such as an increase in activity relieves migraines and in some cases eliminates them.

Noticing a connection between headache-type migraines and gall bladder issues can
provide a key to both relief and prevention. Many people experience migraines
following the removal of their gall bladders even if they had no regular experience with
them prior to surgery. The suggestion is that by addressing the diet first and avoiding
foods that would normally require the gall bladder to digest takes the pressure off of the
liver to perform double-duty.

What causes the gallbladder to malfunction?

There are many reasons the gallbladder gets sluggish.  A more common type we see in
the office is excessive estrogen. Other causes include yeast/fungus/candida, bacteria,
parasites, and food allergies.

Ways to treat a sluggish Gallbladder/Liver

If you are to correct the gallbladder it is imperative that you clean up your diet. One has
to stop eating sugars, reduce or eliminate the grains and eliminate all fluids but water
and increase your vegetable intake. A gallbladder flush can help function and aggressive
cardiovascular exercise program can serve to permanently improve the gallbladder.

Herbals to Improve Liver/Gallbladder Function:

Several herbs have shown to increase to proper function of the liver and gallbladder.  
Milk Thistle is a liver detoxifier, Dandelion root promotes liver detox, and stimulates
gallbladder to secrete bile, artichoke stimulates bile production, burdock also detoxifies
the liver, and Barberry Bark (is one of the best remedies for correcting liver function
and promoting the flow of bile). Others include: Cardamon seed, Black Peppercorn,
Cinnamon , Fennel seed, Juniper berry, Clove bud, Licorice root, Orange peel, Pau
d'Arco , Sassafras root, Ginger root, Uva Ursi leaf, Horsetail herb, and Parsley leaf.

What is the best course for me?

To fully eradicate the migraines, it is best to not only support the liver/gallbladder, but
the kidney and other “detox” organs.  You cannot fully succeed unless you also find the
cause of your migraines. You may need additional hormonal support in the case of
estrogen excess or food allergy eliminations.
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