Female Hormones

Female Hormones are powerful substances that the body makes in small amounts and
releases them from your glands directly into your blood stream. They go into the cells
and make things happen.

When it comes to female hormones the name is really a misnomer. For example how
many symptoms happen when female hormones are off? Just female symptoms? Or are
other things off like your thinking, memory mood, energy, aches and pains etc..

Many of our patients have had the experience of clearly having female hormone issues
and have had blood tests done which come back "normal".

Many other organs such as the thyroid and adrenal glands can manifest with similar
symptoms as female hormonal problems like PMS, mood swings, depression, anxiety,
weight gain and

All of these issues stem from a hormonal dysfunction somewhere in the
body. With our personalized program of
hormonal saliva testing, hair
analysis and natural therapies such as BRT, we have had a consistently
high rate of success. With a combination of dietary changes, nutrient
support, emotional healing and alternative therapies, you can feel good

The basic idea is to eliminate the underlying causes and support your body’s healthy
metabolic function.
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