Long distance testing:

Many of our patients fly or drive long distances to our clinic. If you are unable to come to our clinic we
have long distance programs available.
 We provide this as a service because our patients
wanted their friends and family members that live out of town to experience the results
they received with our programs.


1.         Fill out patient paperwork and Symptoms Survey

2.        Test your Hormones with the appropriate saliva test

3.        Consult with our office (770-425-6068)

4.        Develop a comprehensive multidimensional treatment plan

*After we receive the results from the lab (approximately 2 weeks) we will send you a
program based on your needs. The program will include any dietary changes,
recommended *nutritional supplements or *homeopathic remedies and life style
adjustments. The results also include a 15 minute phone or email consultation with Dr.
Firnbach.  She will help provide further interpretation of the results, as well as
recommend a wealth of information covering diets, food preparation, eating habits,
supplements, and detoxification programs.

5.        Use hormones only if needed, and use only bio-identical forms when you do.

6.        Find the lowest effective dose and always in balance

7.        Make important lifestyle changes

8.        Retest every three months and adjust as needed

9.        Hormone health includes many other habits and choices including:

  •        Reduction of stress
  •        Gentle exercise
  •        Avoiding extra estrogen exposure by avoiding hormone treated foods, avoiding
       obesity, eating plenty of fiber (like flax), and staying hydrated
  •        Learning about healthy sleeping habits and making good sleep a priority
  •        Creating a comprehensive vitamin, mineral, omega-3 and
       antioxidant supplement routine
  •        Reading and learning about the journey you have just begun and
       sharing this information with others who might also benefit

Call us at (770-425-6068) or
e-mail us for more information and with any questions that
you may have.

*Our nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies are only available through
licensed healthcare practitioners and are not available over the counter.