What is NAET?

Allergies can cause and aggravate many illnesses,
including conditions in the respiratory system (for
example asthma, bronchitis), gastro-intestinal
(indigestion, bloating), genito-urinary (infections,
PMS), skin (eczema), muskulo-skeletal (pain), or
nervous system (
depression).  They can aggravate and
provoke brain fog, learning disorders,
mood swings.  Where do allergens come from?  We can
be exposed to allergens from: inhaling (examples:
pollen, dust, perfumes); items touching your skin, hair
or mucous membranes (cleaners, shampoo, fabrics);
eating or drinking (foods, beverages, vitamins, drugs);
injections (drugs, vaccines; insect bites); being affected
by environment (cold, radiation, electricity, people);
body chemicals or byproducts of metabolism (sweat).
Example cases of NAET treatment:
1. S., a 26 year old pregnant woman experienced unusually strong morning sickness and general malaise.  
Evaluation revealed that she had hypersensitivity to Vitamin C.  After a single NAET treatment, all her
symptoms disappeared.  Her symptoms relieved, her outlook completely changed about her pregnancy,
and she looked forward to having a baby!

2. V., a 52 year old man suffered from insomnia for several weeks.  During evaluation, he was found to have
hypersensitivity to the hormone melatonin, produced by his own pineal gland.  After only one NAET
session, his sleep returned to normal.

3. A., a 28 year old woman suffered from chronic indigestion, diarrhea, fevers, body ache, periodic nausea,
depression, anxiety, and severe weight loss (from 140 lb. to 88 lb).  Unable to find the source of the
problem, she had been admitted to the hospital on several occasions with no results.  Her diet became very
limited; she could eat only rice and chicken, as any other foods caused aggravation of her symptoms.  
Ultimately she became so sensitive to gasoline fumes, cigarette smoke, perfumes and other chemicals, she
left her house only to see a NAET practitioner.  It was found that she had multiple allergies to food and
environmental substances, previously undetected.  Elimination of allergies to some foods (wheat, gluten,
vitamin C, B, protein, grains, etc.,) and toxic agents improved her condition and restored her to a normal

4.   A., a 10 year old boy who suffered from severe allergies, was on several medications and rarely
participated in outdoor activities.  After just a few treatments of the allergies to foods (wheat, calcium,
grains, vitamin C) as well as environmental allergies (grass, pollen and dust) he has gone off all medication
and is now playing soccer.

According to our experience, NAET is one of the most effective allergy elimination
techniques. It is painless, non-invasive, quick, effective and gives permanent results.  
NAET can help not only to eliminate the body's hypersensitive overreaction to different
substances, but also increases the effectiveness of conventional therapy for patients who
suffer from acute and chronic illnesses.
NAET can transform people who are acutely or chronically ill into healthy, happy,
allergy-free human beings

NAET therapy utilizes Muscle Response Testing (MRT) which indicates the kinetic imbalance in the
body caused by allergens.  The NAET therapist stimulates pressure points along the spine from the
neck to the sacrum while the patient is holding an allergen.  The patient must completely avoid the
allergen for 25 hours following the treatment.  Allergens are treated one at a time in a specific
sequence.  In some cases, it takes only one or two sessions to eliminate an allergy.  Individuals with
multiple allergies require additional treatments.

It is necessary before treatment to find out what exactly is causing allergy symptoms.  For this
purpose, NAET practitioners use non-invasive muscle response testing (kinesiology) while
simultaneously passing under the patient's bio-electrical field suspected substances one after
another.  They will create a reaction in the patient's central nervous system eliminating or
confirming a suspected substance as an allergen.  Only one item is treated per day.

A NAET treatment includes special acupuncture (can be needle free) or acupressure and 15-20
minutes of rest.  In order for the allergy elimination to take hold, there is a clearing cycle during the
next 25 hours after treatment.  During this time any contacts with the particular allergen should be
avoided.  This allows reprogrammed reaction of the body to allergen to come through a full body's
biological clock cycle.  With NAET, an allergy could be eliminated permanently in one session.  Only
highly sensitive people sometimes require additional treatments.
NAET therapy retrains or reprograms your brain and nervous system
to no longer react to the offending substance.
 Here's why; your brain
interprets the substance as potentially harmful to your body, thus
producing a toxic and/or an allergic reaction.  Your energy pathways
freeze up as a way of defending the body against this unsuitable
substance.  This in turn blocks the energy in your meridians.  If the
condition never changes, the overall functioning of your body
suffers.  For example, if the kidney meridian is blocked, the body will
generate symptoms of fever, chills, headaches, and kidney infection.  
This is an allergic reaction!  After the NAET treatment, the fever,
chills, and headaches will disappear.
NAET Allergy Elimination Therapy is an innovative, natural
solution for allergies and allergy-related conditions.  It is
completely painless and non-invasive.  NAET is a synthesis of
various medical disciplines such as Allopathic, Acupuncture,
Chiropractic, Kinesiology, and Nutrition.  Currently,
conventional medicine has several methods for diagnosing
allergies.  The intradermal test, patch test, scratch test, and
various blood tests such as the RAST test and the ELIZA test are
used.  The standard treatment is drug therapy using either
antihistamines or steroids to control allergic symptoms.  
Unfortunately, this does not correct the underlying problem and
often the allergy sufferer experiences serious long-term side
effects.  The most effective treatment option until now has been
complete avoidance of the offending allergen(s), which can be
difficult and in some cases impossible.

NAET can also be used to treat healthy individuals with hidden
allergies that can take their health to a higher level.  In addition,
NAET can help patients who need to take pharmaceutical drugs
that have negative side effects.  For example, clients that have
been taking chemotherapy drugs and having reactions from the
drugs have had NAET treatments to lessen or stop the side
effects.  With the progress of modern science and technology,
new chemicals and products are being developed every day,
which create potential allergens for many people.  An example of
this can be the socks you wear that have various combinations of
materials (lycra, cotton, nylon, rubber) used in their
manufacture.  The bedding and pillows that you sleep on made
from acrylic, nylon, polyester, etc. can also be the cause of health
problems.  NAET is a truly revolutionary solution that provides
relief from adverse reactions to new allergens and empowers the
individual to live a better life in our modern world.
According to traditional acupuncture, allergens cause blockages in
the flow of the body energy circuit pathways, called meridians.  
This creates imbalances in the energy supply of different organs or
systems and diminishes their function.  It manifests itself in
various physical, physiological and psychological symptoms,
including pain, inflammation, emotional stress, etc.  Acupuncture
treats allergies by eliminating the block to restore energy flow and
normalize the state of health. The larger the blockage, the more
time and treatments are required for the body to recover.

Allergies generally were difficult to cure or eliminate.  But that was
before Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET).
Dr. Devi Nambudripad D.C., L.Ac., R.N., Ph.D., based on the
combined knowledge of conventional Western, ancient Eastern
and modern American Energy medicine, developed a unique non-
invasive, painless, drugless and quick method of allergy
elimination.  It helped her overcome her own allergic reaction to
food (You can read about it in Dr. Devi Nambudripad's book “Say
Goodbye to Illness").
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