What Is Autonomic Response Testing?

Autonomic Response Testing (ART), simply stated, is an energy connection. It is a
technique that utilizes a muscle response as an indicator and assessment of the energy status
of each organ, gland, system, or structure. This energy assessment is accomplished by
testing one or more reflexes, which are similar to acupuncture points and meridians, and
monitoring the reactance of the muscle when in contact with these points. The more the
body reacts when an energy imbalance is located, the weaker the muscle. In ART the
practitioner typically applies a single, downward push on the wrist of a patient's
outstretched arm while also making contact with a specific reflex point on the patient's
body. The gentle, but firm push is like a subtle "question" and the muscle reactivity
response is the "answer."

The Energy Flowing Through Our Body

When trying to understand how ART as an energy connection works, it is sometimes helpful
to compare the energy of the body to the flow of electricity in a house. We typically don't
think or worry about what's going on with our body unless something goes wrong and
symptoms are produced. It's the same with our home. No one worries about the refrigerator
being able to keep food cold, or the furnace heating the home when it's 10 degrees outside.
However, if the computer suddenly shuts down, the lights won't go on, and the house is
getting colder by the minute, it becomes an urgent matter. It becomes a priority to assess
what happened, and then to figure out what needs to be done.

People don't often think about the flow of energy necessary for their body to perform all of
its intricate functions either. We breathe, blink, and go from an easy walk to an urgent run
as we cross a busy street as well as process complex issues all without actually thinking
about how this is able to happen. A healthy body is able to adapt according to the given
situation and environment. It's called homeostasis. Energy flows balanced and free to every
minute area enabling each cell, organ, and system to live and function. Unfortunately our
bodies can also experience energy imbalances. Energy to an organ, gland, system, or
structure may be disrupted, or it may be flowing with too high or too low of a frequency
necessary for well-being. Interference in the natural, balanced vibrational frequencies of
the body causes one to be predisposed to illness and dis-ease. Someone in this state of
energy imbalance can be affected by the many causes of disease e.g. stress, poor nutrition,
bacteria, etc. Symptoms appear. At onset these may only cause minimal irritation.
However, if left unchecked the body would continue to deteriorate to a more severe state of

Finding and Treating the Cause, Not the Symptoms

Traditionally, western medicine treats symptoms and diseases through differential
diagnosis. It is a systematic procedure where the physician begins by observing the patient's
symptoms, examining the patient, and taking the patient's personal and family history. The
most likely causes of the symptoms are listed as possibilities. The physician will ask
questions and perform tests to eliminate possibilities until he or she is satisfied that the
"single most likely cause" has been identified. A diagnosis is made, and treatment is
prescribed. For example, if a patient has an acid stomach, antacids are given. If the
gallbladder is causing pain, it is taken out. If the sinuses are congested, antihistamines and
decongestants are prescribed. If that doesn't help, the sinuses are scraped. Inhalers and
steroids are given to control asthma. However, the question remains, "What is the cause?"
If one is unable to determine the cause, patients are doomed to a life which, at best, consists
of symptom management, with no hope for complete healing.

Everyday people are diagnosed with some horrific disease. Without minimizing the severity
of the diagnosis, you can ask, "What is the cause?" An active parent and work professional
suffers from chronic depression. Depression is the symptom as well as the diagnosis. Yet,
what's the cause? A child cannot sit still or focus in school. Grades are very poor. The child
has been diagnosed with ADHD. Lack of focus and concentration, along with a lack of ability
to be still are all symptoms. What's the cause? A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.
What is the cause? What situation(s) occurred to allow normal cells to grow and multiply in
abnormal, unhealthy ways?

Case studies have shown that no disease is an entity by itself. The cause may be a complex
combination of any number of things including nerve interference, poor nutrition,
chemicals, food additives, pesticides in food, water, and air, an abnormal lifestyle, stress,
abuse, loss, and other physical and emotional "hits" taken over a lifetime. Symptoms due to
these issues are not necessarily noticed right away because the body has been created with
many systems, organs, and glands, each with multiple backups in place. When one organ is
not functioning optimally, the backup organ has to work harder to compensate. For
example, if the right kidney is diseased, the left kidney must function to a greater degree. As
the primary organ regains function, the backup can return to its state of ease. If any of the
backup systems, organs or glands has to work overtime for long periods of time, they will
tire and lose optimal function. Each time any part of the body is not functioning optimally,
symptoms occur.

Unfortunately people are typically more in tune with what is and what is not working in
their home than in their own body. Minor symptoms are self-treated with over-the-counter
medications and nutrition, and the cause is ignored. The energy problem remains
undiscovered. It is only when the symptoms become unusually annoying or severe to the
point of causing concern that the patient typically thinks to see a doctor. Even then, not all
doctors are trained in methods used to discover the underlying cause of health problems.
Many diagnose and prescribe treatment based on symptoms alone.

Autonomic Response Testing Offers Hope

With ART neither symptoms nor specific diseases are treated. It is not a system of
differential diagnosis, but a technique in which the doctor can correct the energy imbalance
by finding and treating the cause. In the analysis ART aims to discover what caused the
energy situation whereby dis-ease might flourish. With this information a personalized,
specific management plan can be created and implemented to care for the patient as a
whole: body, mind, and spirit. With ART, patients are given hope. Not just hope that they
can manage, but hope that the cause(s) will be found and that complete healing will take
place. This is the focus and determined goal of practitioners who utilize ART.

Autonomic Response Testing is a technology that reveals the "missing piece", the key to
solving your health concerns. By accessing the autonomic nervous system (ANS), critical
information about your bodily functions is discovered. Autonomic means "occurring
involuntarily." Bodily functions like eye blinking, heart and breathing rates, digestive
metabolism, immune response, hormone regulation, and so forth are regulated by the ANS.

The technique is
his/her hand, pressing lightly on a patient's acupuncture points, reflex locations, or body
organs while simultaneously checking a strong muscle group. In this way (1) we identify the
stressors adversely affecting your organs or glands, (2) we identify their priority, and (3) we
determine the corresponding tools to correct your imbalance(s).

We then pinpoint the correct
whole-food supplements and/or herbs and homeopathics for
your body and recommend needed dietary and lifestyle changes. The result is a
personalized health improvement program that addresses your own body's imbalances and
corrects its operation. Our goals are the same as yours: achieving good health and feeling
good again --- safely, naturally, and effectively.  By following your personalized Autonomic
Response Testing program, you will experience and sustain better health. It's that simple!

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