Hormone Testing Is For Everyone!

From premenstrual discomforts and moodiness to menopausal symptoms, there are
many conditions that have their root in hormone imbalance. Other conditions include
hot flashes, loss of libido, lack of arousal and lubrication, estrogen dominance,
irregular or heavy painful periods and vaginal dryness.

Many hormone-related conditions respond very well to a program of hormone
balancing. Taking sleeping pills, antidepressants, nerve pills and other drugs to
simply address the symptoms may be missing the underlying cause of the problems.
The first step though, is to find out if there is a hormonal explanation to your unique

Why get testing?
Finding out that your hormone levels are abnormal may empower you to take action
towards solving the deficiency or imbalance. Without this information what will you
do? While it is reasonable to start therapy based on symptoms alone, many patients
and providers find testing very useful, and in some cases, very enlightening.

Why test saliva?
Just because your primary care physician, gynecologist or other medical practitioner
may not understand the validity and utility of saliva testing, that does not prove that
saliva testing is not and ideal method for assessing your hormone status. The truth is,
years of use and hundreds of articles have been published supporting the use of
salivary testing of hormones. Saliva testing reveals only the free and available
fraction of circulating hormones. In fact, it can show how well you are absorbing
bioidentical hormone supplements like estrone, estradiol, estriol, progesterone,
testosterone, and even DHEA. It is convenient and needle free. You can collect on the
correct day of your cycle and you can collect the 4 Cortisol levels during one day to
assess your adrenal gland.

Saliva testing is done at home, on the exact day of your cycle that is suggested.
You can perform a 4 sample test through out the day to asses your cortisol level
pattern. There is no needle involved! What a terrific concept.

Which test should I order?
Fill out the patient forms and return to the office and we will help you select the
appropriate test. You may call or e-mail us after filling out a brief questionnaire.

How will I get the results?
Your results will be e-mailed and also sent via regular mail to you. Then you can set
up an appointment to discuss these results in an educational format; one on one with
Dr. Firnbach.

What do I do with the results?
This is entirely up to you. You can use them to track your progress as you begin a
program of hormone balancing. Others will bring the results to their physician for
guidance on starting hormone supplementation. After discussing the results with us,
you may have a better idea of which direct you may wish to take.

We are accepting new clients and are willing to work with you. If you
are in the Atlanta area you are invited to become a patient of the
practice. We are a full service holistic health practice and specialize in
the leading edge approaches to may common and several not-so-
common problems.

If you are not in the area or would like only consultation with us, we can arrange for
that as well.

Men too?
Male hormone imbalance has been recognized as a true health risk. Don’t hesitate to
do a basic hormone panel of the hormones or add the adrenal stress evaluation for a
complete picture that may explain your symptoms and lead you towards an effective
treatment plan.
Test Kits
Test kits are mailed out to you with instructions and a box to return the samples to
the laboratory. Results are available in 2 weeks or less.

Expert Phone Coaching
What are you going to do with these results? Find out what they mean to you and
receive guidance with a one-on-one phone consultation. Call us to schedule a phone
consult for more information.

How are hormone problems treated?
Several habits that you have may be contributing to a hormone imbalance. It may be
the way you eat, or sleep or how you handle stress. Your other medications may be
causing a disruption. Some items like household products, cosmetics, food additives
and many other environmental factors may be adding to the problem. They are
known as xenoestrogens.

There are several targeted dietary changes you can easily make and several vitamins,
minerals and other simple supplements that may encourage a healthy production,
function and metabolism of your hormones.

Bioidentical hormone may be suggested and also supplements that support the
function of hormone in your body. There are estrogenic herbal supplements as well
as herbs that have been noted for their progesterone-like effects. There are also
several herbs that are traditionally know to enhance a testosterone effect and actually
some that may reduce the effects of having too much testosterone.

You’ve always wanted to know if your hormones were in balance… Too much, too
little…Why won’t your doctor order tests for you? Saliva testing answers many
questions and often confirms what you have always suspected… A hormonal reason
for the way you feel. It then gives you better ideas of how to address your symptoms.

Trouble sleeping, anxiety, mood swings, premenstrual bloating? Maybe your best
treatment is not sleeping pills, antidepressants and water pills… It seemed to make
sense at first, but are you really Ambien, Prozac and Lasix deficient? Maybe you
suffer from estrogen dominance! Too much estrogen and not enough progesterone
can cause many of the most common symptoms that afflict millions of people

Once a hormone imbalance such as estrogen dominance is identified  it is  supported
by proper nutritional supplementation using our personalized program that treats
you as a unique individual.   

Women who have had a hysterectomy and still have ovaries may need to do two-
sample collection 14 days apart to be sure to get a sample during the two weeks when
progesterone levels should peak.

Hormone testing can validate what you have always suspected.

Getting the results can often open a whole new world of possibilities. Once your
results are revealed you will make an appointment to speak with Dr. Firnbach
personally for an educational consult regarding your results. You will get an expert
explanation of how your symptoms relate to the test results.

In order to plan the consultation by telephone you will first fill out a
symptoms questionnaire and when your test results return you will
discuss the results and how they relate to your symptoms.

Dr. Firnbach will explain the different ways hormone balance can be restored. Fill out
the patient forms forms and then call to schedule your appointment.

Looking at only the test results will give only half the story. The same is
true when looking only at symptoms. By using both subjective (symptoms) and
objective (test results) information we get a better picture of what is happening.
Hormonal changes are not simply a matter of aging. We are confronted with a
multitude assalts to our body;s natural desire to stay in balance. From the hormones
in our food supply, to the chemicals in plastic bottles, pesticides and even in skin care
products, hormone imbalance is the results of many un-natural factors. Stress and
diet also contribute to these disruptions as well as obesity.

An increased estrogen effect (estrogen dominance) is often the cause of symptoms-
especially in the pre and peri menopausal time frame.
Knowing the estrogen to progesterone and estrogen to testosterone balance (both
absolute values and the ratios) helps confirm the presence and extent of the

Correcting these imbalances can be accomplished with lifestyle changes, dietary
improvements, supplements, herbal blends and bioidentical hormone
supplementation. Working with a specialist will give you the guidance and education
to understand your choices. Then you can implement and monitor a plan to achieve

Be an active participant in your health care. Nobody cares about your
health more than you.
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