Weight Loss Problems

Have you tried everything to lose weight? Most of them failed or with the ones that did
help did you turn around and put the weight back on?

We find that weight issues stem from a bigger problem of
hormonal imbalances in the
body. You are not treating the cause of the weight problem by dieting and exercise

We do not focus on the weight but the underlying hormonal dysfunction that caused
the issue.  By treating the underlying hormonal problem, the weight naturally

Many hormones contribute to slow metabolism with concurrent weight gain.
adrenal hormone), thyroid hormones and excessive estrogen can all
contribute to weight gain and an inability to take weight off.

Our personalized program uncovers your specific hormonal imbalance with hair
saliva testing and Body RestorationTechnique.

Call our office to get our weight loss quiz to see what organ hormones are causing your

With our testing of all these factors, we have been successful in finding the causes of
weight gain.
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A Personalized Program is a great place to start! At Balanced Body Wellness Centre
each person is treated as a unique individual. Our personalized programs promote
natural hormonal balance with nutritional supplements, endocrine support formulas,
dietary and lifestyle guidance.

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